Wine Cruise--Duoro River--Nov 2016

Greetings from the command and control center of Dateline International travel and Cruise and the Arrivederci International Yacht Club---Man, that's a lot of words....let's just go with the ancromyn.....DITC/AIYC....much better!!!
  As you can see below, Your name is on the list.......No , this is not Brussels in 1942....just notification that I have confirmed You as the first adventurers to the Duoro river wine region of Portugal on the AMA Waterways boutique ship, the AMAVIDA.. As this little project has leaked out a number of You have expressed an interest in locking in a cabin for this cruise. Indeed , As I type, the majority have given Me credit cards to deposit. Beth and Dave Wilson--You were the first to be confirmed--Cat D #105 midship. Same for Bob and Claire Riddle-confirmed in Cat E  #109 midship. Thank You all !!!
  Aside from putting out a quick FB announcement  from the Arrivederci Int'l Yacht Club last night, this cruise has only been bantered about as a good possibility. But today  it is a reality....Here's the scoop!!..........

 Dateline and AMA Waterways have been working on an agreement to do a Wine themed Cruise using some of Our best local wine experts as the "Wine Hosts" for the November 15, 2016 "Enticing Duoro" river cruise. We have to put these together well in advance because of the nature of the Small ship river Cruise business. With only 106 passengers, the AMAVida, along with the huge popularity of this Duoro river cruise forces Us to book early and aggressively to secure Our patrons the best pricing possible. Add to that the serious vetting process that Our wine hosts go through---Why just yesterday Tamara McAllister was in Arrivederci dancing the "Watusi" for Derek to prove Her desire to be a "GGGreat" wine host for this cruise!!!!  Seriously, Most of You have been to the Small vineyards Tuscan Tastings We do at Arriviederci in the Fall and know of the expertise of Tamara and Ms. Kristin Kluvers...and Mr. Tom Kelly. Let Me be the first to announce that The Mitchell wine Group represented by Tamara McAllister and Small Vineyards represented by Kristin Kluvers will be the official Wine hosts for this AMAWaterways Adventure!!!

  With a wine themed Cruise there are a few extras thrown in--Off the boat and up in the hills dinners at  the Alpendurada Monastery, the Quinta Avessada. wine tasting at Quinta do Seixo--that translates into the "Five Sexys" if anyones interested?!?!?!    The Palacio De Mateus--remember that bottle?? Salamanca and the Vinho Verde Region...........and Very interesting "Watusi and wine" tastings with Tamara and Kristin aboard the ship!!!!!

   In the near future I will be sending out an email to the rest of the "Arrivedercites"---Yes, This is becoming a Religion,huh???----informing them of this trip to Iberia. After that I will be organizing an information night  for the clients of The Mitchell wine Group and Small Vineyards. Then I wil be hitting up the local Carus, Oregon Mennonite congregation to join in on the Fun.......Jeezz, I've never typed so fast!!!!.......My wife is saying..."where's He at" Where's He at"!!! ,... and Here I am busting tail to get the Message out!!

    In a "nutshell"-----We secured an agreement with AMA that Mitchell wine Group and Small vineyards would be the "Wine Hosts" for this cruise. Ever prepared , I asked for a Group pricing contract prior to inking the deal. AMA was offering $250 p.p. off plus $100 off for past passengers. I called AMA and said that for late season cruising I was used to getting $1500 per stateroom off and I needed to reconsider. We worked out a deal where Datelne would take the Rhine River on November 16th and get the $1500 per stateroom discount. Two days later the Group department at AMA Waterways called and offered Me back the Duoro at the $1500.00 per stateroom discount. It seems that on the weekend one of the Senior people in AMA Waterways had offered the Rhine to one of their Winemaker friends in the Santa Barbara area. When they came into the office on Monday to announce the deal, Groups said "Wait, Hanneman up in PDX has that Cruise"!!!......So, they offered Me the Duoro again for the $1500 per stateroom discount---I accepted!
  Here is the pricing We have and will only be offered to Datline's guests. The rest of the nation will not be included in this discount.

November 15,2016--Category E             Category D         Category C-Balcony    Category B-Balcony    Category A-Balcony  Category S Suite
                               $2349 p.p.            $2648 p.p.              $3548 p.p                   $3748 p.p                  $4048 p.p               $5548 p.p
Port fees are $168 p.p.----as I mentioned earlier, there is a $100 p.p. past passenger credit and there will be an Arrivederci Int'l Yacht club credit also. I'm working on that!! Deposit is $400 p.p. and consider this....If you take a look at Tauck,Viking or Uniworld--you will have to pay the entire amount to receive a similar discount.

    If You have friends that may want to see the Beauty of the Duoro--a UNESCO heritage  site---feel free to forward this Email over to them.

   I'm excited at the prospect of seeing again the beauty of the Iberian peninsula and appreciating the fact that by the time We arrive, Portugal may be out of the Euro and back into it's own currency, allowing for some very inexpensive pre and post cruise stays in lisbon and the Algarve!!!!
  Thanks to all for the Great support of the "Arrivederci Int'l Yacht Club, Dateline International Travel and AMA Waterways.!! I just received brochures today for this and other cruises from AMA and you can see details of the "Enticing Duoro" and the AMAVida Ship by going to

Esteban Hanneman
Dateline Int'l travel and Cruise