Dear fellow Travelers and Adventurers,

     As a child growing up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I discovered that via my parents big old TV, there was a much bigger world of adventure awaiting.

     Watching James MacArthur climb the Swiss Matterhorn in Disney's "Third Man on the Mountain", watching Gardner McKay sail around Tahiti and the South Pacific aboard the "Tiki III"  with a good looking woman at his side from the TV hit "Adventures in Paradise".... I vowed one day that THIS is what I wanted to do.  The adventures, the places...and of course the woman who shared the same passion for adventure!
    Well, I found that "Gal of Adventure" in my wife Kate and in between raising two boys and running a couple of other businesses, we found the time to live and experience these adventures and then some!!

    My thought on vacations and leisure travel is simple----"Be a Traveler, not a tourist, have an adventure, not a vacation!!!"

    As you can see by this new Dateline International Travel and Cruise website, we focus on companies, ships and independent tour operators who will offer you, our valued client, an
adventure to be remembered....whether it be in small river ships, glorious sailing yachts, large cruise ships, tropical islands in exotic locals... all being supported by the most experienced of tour operators in the industry.....these adventures & experiences.... combined with Dateline's seasoned and "boots on the ground" staff will ensure that you will be that "traveler" and not just another "tourist"!

    Beyond my self and my wife Kate, Dateline can boast of years of experience starting with ouroffice manager of 20 years, Merilyn Abe.  Also on staff, our son Derek Hanneman, who not only can assist with your travel needs, but also manages our sister business, Arrivederci!  Wine & Jazz.  Keeping it "all in the family",  Rian Hanneman, our oldest, has recently moved back to Oregon and with his almost 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in Oregon & California, he brings to the table a keen sense of customer service, and will be focusing on small ship travel.  

    To all of our loyal clients of Dateline International Travel and Cruise,  Nassau West Salon,  andArrivederci!  Wine & Jazz,  AND Arrivederci Int'l Yacht Club members, we thank you for your years of support and for allowing us to help create memories, not only for you but for us as well!  Thank you for the continued trust you place in us on your quests for "adventure".  We know in this day and age of the internet and a plethora of travel information available to you 24/7.....that you do have options and we are grateful for each and every opportunity you choose us to help in that quest.  

   Those of you that haven't hopped on board yet and are looking to create adventures of your own......or would like to join in with the rest of the vagabonds affectionately known as the "Arrivederci Int'l Yacht Club".....{if you've adventured with us, you're automatically a member!} call us at 503 786-5150 or email us at  Steve, Merilyn, & Derek are here to take you where you've never ventured before.  It's a beautiful ride!!!!

Happy Travels!

Steve & Katy Hanneman, owners/agents

Dateline International Travel and Cruise
Arrivederci International Yacht Club